Past Trips

Spring 2012

Great Canadian Weekend

Dates: January 27-29
Organizers: Rosemarie, Michelle, Faye

  • Our Winter Kickoff Weekend! A great, beginner-friendly opportunity for new members to check out the club and for existing members to come socialize and have fun!
  • Some activities might include:
    • staying in a cabin
    • building snow caves
    • snowshoeing
    • skating
    • hockey
    • cross-country skiing
    • backcountry skiing
    • building snowmen, snow angels, snow forts, etc.
    • snowball fights
    • "tire sur la neige'' - maple syrup on snow
    • drinking hot chocolate
    • star gazing
    • tobogganing
    • camping skills
    • being polite and saying "Eh" a lot

Indoor Climbing Nights

Dates: Wed January 25th, Tues February 7th, Tues March 27th
Organizer: Martin/Rosemarie

  • A night of indoor rock climbing open to all skill levels; includes instruction for beginners on basic belaying and climbing techniques.

Lead Climbing Course

Dates: Tuesday, January 17th
Organizer: Rosemarie

  • A discounted Intro to Lead rock climbing course at Vertical Reality

Intermediate Snowshoeing Trip

Dates: January 21-22, 2011
Organizer: Michelle

  • An intermediate overnight snowshoeing trip - location is Zoa Peak and Needle Peak
  • See forum for more details and to sign up
  • Dates are subject to last minute change depending on avalanche conditions

Garibaldi Neve Traverse

Dates: tentatively March 16-18
Organizers: Petr, Faye

  • This will be an intermediate level backcountry skiing trip. Participants will need to have avalanche training, as well as glacier travel training and/or experience.
  • Participants will need to bring AT skis and avi gear.

Tetrahedron Park Multi-Day Snowshoe Trip

Dates: February 13-16, 2011
Organizer: Michelle

  • See forum for more details and to sign up

Winter Kayaking Trip

Dates: weekend of February 24-25th
Organizer: Daye

  • See forum for more details and to sign up

MEC Discount Night - North Van

Dates: March 15th
Organizer: Rob

  • See forum for more details

Retro Cross-Country Ski Trip

Dates: TBD
Organizer: Faye

  • The club owns some seriously old-school x-country skis, so it's time for a blast from the past.
  • Raid your parents basement / Value Village for old snowsuits and gear. Think neon.
  • All gear on the trip should be at least 20 years old. Alternatively, home-made gear or almost no gear (minimalist style!) will also be acceptable.

Avalanche Safety Course

Dates: TBD
Organizer: Rob

  • The avalanche safety course is a must-have for anyone doing backcountry skiing.
  • Run by Canadian West Mountain School, the course will be AST-1 Plus for skiers and boarders.
  • The cost will be $195+tx for a group discount if 8 people or more sign up, plus additional fees for a Whistler backcountry pass.
  • Participants will need to either have or rent either backcountry skis with skins or a snowboard/snowshoe combo.

Orienteering Course

Dates: Wed, Feb 29th
Organizer: Faye

Leadership Kayaking Course

Dates: April 24-27
Organizer: Daye

  • See forum for more details