Organizing Events

As an Event Organizer for the club I've come up with a form sheet that people can use for organizing their own trips. This is just a guideline, and you don't have to follow exactly this format, but this is to make it easier for people who are want to organize trips but don't have alot of experience. We've also come up with some formal trip organizing policies to make some things explicitly clear that should be implicitly understood.

To use this form sheet, simply make a new post on the forum and copy and paste the text below. Then delete the descriptions underneath the bold, capitalized titles and fill in the relevant information for your trip. If filling in all the sections feels too overwhelming just fill in the ones that are most relevant to your trip and provide as much details as you can.


Explain, in general terms, where the trip is taking place and why it’s worth doing (e.g. good views, interesting natural features, etc.) You should mention the important physical characteristics of the trail, including:

-round trip distance
-net elevation gain, if applicable (mention the maximum elevation and the grade as well if you know them)
-the time needed to finish the trip
-If you can, describe what condition the trail/route is in and what the surface is like (e.g. well maintained and covered in gravel versus badly neglected and covered in fallen trees and thigh-deep mud)
-your best estimate of the difficulty of the trail

You might not know exactly when and where you want to meet when you send out the e-mail, but give some indication of what time you want to leave at.

Explain how you’re going to get to the trailhead/departure point. If you don’t have access to a car, this is where you should make a request for drivers. Mention that drivers will be reimbursed for gas.

Be sure to factor in driving time when deciding this. Note that this is an estimate only – unavoidable delays happen.

You can choose to impose a limit if you wish. Or you may be limited by the number of car seats available.

Usually in the evening a day or two before the trip.

Your name here

Explain how and by when to contact you if a participant needs to drop out of the trip


Add any notes here about what people need to have with them. You can use the following example if there isn’t anything special participants need to bring:

Cash for financial compensation of the drivers, plus:

The 10 essentials (always bring at least these plus enough warm layers)
1. Flashlight, spare batteries and bulb
2. Firemaking kit – waterproof matches/lighter, firestater/candle
3. Signaling device – whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you become lost
4. Extra food and water – 1 litre/person
5. Extra clothing (rain, wind, water protection and toque)
6. Navigational/ Communication Aids (maps, compass, GPS, charts, cellular phone, satellite phone, hand held radio – fully charged battery) – know how to use them
7. First Aid kit – know how to use it
8. Emergency shelter – orange tarp or large orange garbage bag. These can also be used as signalling devices
9. Pocket knife
10. Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen, hat)

The organizer(s) is not in any way responsible for you on the trip. The organizer is not a paid guide and is merely coordinating the logistics for a trip consisting of a group of friends. Any money the organizer accepts from trip participants is for reimbursement of costs assumed by the organizer while organizing the trip.

Outdoor activities carry inherent risks that can be minimized but not eliminated. Attending this trip implies that you accept all of these risks and agree not to hold the organizer or anyone else responsible in any way for what may happen.


Now for the club organizing policies:

-The trip organizer makes the final decision on who can come on the trip or not. If at any point the organizer believes that you are materially or physically unprepared for the trip, he or she has the right to refuse to allow you to come, even if you have already paid any fees.

-When signing up for trips please do not attempt to reserve spots for your friends. Anyone who wants to come should contact the organizer themselves. This is to reduce the number of no shows on trips.

-Club members who have paid their semesterly membership fee always have priority over all non-club members on every trip. We encourage non-club members to join the club and get active outdoors, but they must pay their semesterly membership fee. There is some flexibility here, but no exceptions can be made for high-demand events like indoor rock climbing or multi-day trips.

-Please do not abuse the mailing list. Limit your organizing activity to the forums only. This is to cut down on the number of e-mails that our members receive. Plus, e-mail is a really inefficient way of organizing trips. However, I and the other executives will occasionally use the mailing list to draw attention to the forums if we feel that not enough people are looking at it.