Exec Positions

For current executives see Club Execs.
The club currently recognizes the following executive roles:

Club President / Exec Coordinator

- coordinates all executives by ensuring executive duties are being carried out
- sets up and leads monthly executive meetings
- renews club with the SFSS every semester


- manages club bank account / finances

FMCBC (insurance) / membership rep

- collects membership fees and membership waivers
- controls club member list
- liasons with the FMCBC rep regarding insurance

Monthly Social and Club Days Coordinator

- organizes the SFU Outdoors Club table at the beginning of every semester
- organizes club socials every month


- writes and distributes the bi-monthly club newsletter detailing upcoming events and trips


- answers the info-outdoorsclub at sfu dot ca e-mail account and forwards specific inquiries to the appropriate execs

Trip Coordinator

  • General Trip Coordinator

- finds organizers for a broad range of official club trips and ensures those events are organized

  • Climbing Trip Coordinator

- finds organizers for official club climbing trips and ensures those events are organized

Gear execs

  • Purchasing

- looks for good deals and buys gear that the executive decides should be purchased

  • Lending

- keeps all club gear
- communicates with and lends gear to club members as per club policies

  • Lending - backup

- substitues for the regular gear exec if they are unavailable

Website maintenance

- maintains and manages the club website (which includes the wiki page and the club forum)

Club promotions

- promotes the Outdoors Club within SFU

Environmental Exec

- promotes and organizes environmental initiatives within the club

Special Projects

  • climbing wall
  • wiki page setup