Day hike gear list

Here is a list of gear that you should bring on a day hike:

Must Haves

The 10 essentials:
1. Flashlight/headlamp (with spare batteries and bulb)
2. Firemaking kit: waterproof matches/lighter, firestater/candle
3. Signaling device: whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you become lost
4. Food, water (at least 1 litre/person), and extra food
5. Hiking clothing, proper footwear (hiking boots), plus extra clothing (rain/wind gear, gloves, toque, etc.)
6. Navigational/ Communication Aids (these can include maps, compass, GPS, charts, cellular phone, satellite phone, hand held radio with fully charged battery) and know how to use them
7. First Aid kit and know how to use it
8. Emergency shelter: orange tarp or large orange garbage bag. These can also be used as signalling devices
9. Pocket knife
10. Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen, hat)

Good to Have

Guidebook or printed description of trail
Multi tool
Extra clothes (sandals, socks, etc) & towel waiting in the car
Napkins or TP
Hand Sanitizer
Thermos – Hot drink
Waterproof pencil & paper
Trekking Poles
Lip balm
Care card
Bear spray/ bangers

Other Things to Consider

Does someone know where I am going and when to expect me back?
What is the weather forecast?
Do I need to be aware of the tides, sunset time, or other factors?
If I get stranded over night am I prepared?
Is my cell phone, headlamp, etc, fully charged – Do I have extra batteries for any of these?