Club Gear List

The SFU Outdoors Club has the following items to loan out to registered club members (for free!). BY BORROWING YOU AGREE TO THE GEAR POLICIES (at bottom of this page) so give them a quick read!

If you would like to borrow our club gear, contact Todd - ac.ufs|7hlt#ac.ufs|7hlt (primary), Curtis - ac.ufs|akhgoopc#ac.ufs|akhgoopc, Brian - ac.ufs|rebeweb#ac.ufs|rebeweb, Solal - ac.ufs|rebiduas#ac.ufs|rebiduas or Richard - ac.ufs|sruhtrar#ac.ufs|sruhtrar to set up a time to meet on campus.
Gear is available on first come first serve basis. Contact us up to a few weeks before the date you would like to borrow stuff to reserve the gear.
To check if gear is already signed out/reserved feel free to check this google doc.

Damage deposit prices are non-negotiable (you get it back just return the gear in the same condition you got it). Gear may only be borrowed for the duration of your trip +2-3 days. For example: you could take it out Thursday or Friday and return it Monday or Tuesday for a weekend excursion.

Camping, Snowshoeing, and Canoeing Gear

Camping Gear Deposit Details
4-season 2 person tent $50 More Details
Assembly instructions
3-season Ultralight 2 person tent $50 More Details
Large tent for car camping (6 person) $50
Silicone lightweight tarp x 2 $25 More Details
Snowshoes (MSR Evo 22) x 9 $30 More Details
Gators (Black outdoor research) $10 one size fits all
First aid kit (Wilderness Systems Group) x2 $15 More details
Handheld Radios (Motorola Talkabout) x6 $20/ea GMRS radios, with AC charger More details.
LPG stove (Windpro) (in process of replacing the pump) $20 (you must provide your own fuel)
Stove description: More details
Fuel Canister Description More details
Pot Set (GSI Pinnacle) $15 More details
Headlamp (Black Diamond) x 1 $15 ~40 lumens, takes AAA batteries
Waterproof Pack x 4 $30 More details
Foam sleeping pad x 5 $5 (MEC 3.8 sleeping pad no longer available)
More details
-12 deg. C Hybrid sleeping bag with liner and stuff sack (MEC) x 2 $30 More details
Splitting Maul $10 5-6 lb. head, full size, great for firewood splitting, Very sharp and potentially DANGEROUS!
please only sign this out if you have experience with axes
70 L backpack (MEC Brio) $25 More details
Canoes x 4 $160 MUST be with cheque payable to SFU Outdoors Club or CASH.
The club does not have access to credit card deposit at this time.
Life Jackets's x 9 $15 More details
Paddles x 10 $5 -
Universal Canoe Kit (to mount canoes on cars) x5 - -

Climbing gear (only available to experienced climbers or under supervision of experienced climbers)

Climbing Gear Deposit Details
Climbing rope x 2 $50 (dynamic, 60m, non-dry treated). Additional policies apply - see below
Squamish Select $10 Route climbing book for Bouldering, Sport and Traditional climbing in Squamish, Cheakamus, Whistler, and Pemberton.
3 x Personal Climbing Package $25 harness (Apex Rock Cosmic, unisex, one size fits all) + harness bag
Large locking carabiner (BD Rocklock Screwgate biner)
MEC chalk bag + chalk
Daisy chain (Ocun 100cm) + small locking carabiner (BD Positron Screwgate biner)
prusik (1.5m of 7mm static cord)
12 x Quickdraws (BD FreeWire Quickdraw) $25 -
1 x steel 8mm maillon - (screw link)(emergency back-off device)
Anchor building package $25 2 x Metolius PAS (Personal Anchor System)
2 x 120cm slings (Ocun 16mm nylon sling)
1 x 5m cordelette (10m of 7mm static cord)
5 x small locking carabiners (BD Positron Screwgate biner)
1 x large locking carabiner (BD Rocklock Screwgate biner)
Assorted helmets and shoes $5 these are quite old (they were part of the old Outdoors Club gear back in the 80's/90's), but are still useable

Note: if you're using the gear you must return it in the same organized fashion as is shown in the pics - please don't drop off a bag with a rat's nest of interlocking biners and loose slings.

With this new gear and the club rope you should be set and have everything you need for getting outside and doing some top roping or sport leading! Obviously the three personal climbing packages are also good for trying out indoor climbing and not having to rent. Now get climbing!

Mountaineering/backcountry skiing gear

Mountaineering & Backcountry Winter Gear Deposit Details
2 x Black Diamond contact strap crampons $20 More details
1 Ice axe $20 used
1 Ortovox F1 and 2 Pieps Avalanche transceivers $10 (these are analog avalanche beacons)
1 Ortovox Red 457and 2x Tracker DTS $25 (these are digital avalanche beacons)
Black Diamond and Voile snow shovels $15 -
Avalanche probe x3 $15 -
Glacier travel kit $15 2x SMC 91cm Snow Pickets
3x 3m Lengths of webbing
2x 22cm Black Diamond Express Ice Screws
1x SMC Lightweight Prusik minding pulleys
3x shoulder length cordellette runners
3x 6m Cordellettes (untied)

Gear Club Policies

The following are the policies and the information you will need in order to use our gear:

1. You must if at all possible give one week notice before the date you want the gear, and you can borrow it for 1 week maximum at a time.
2. You must pay the required gear security deposit as listed above; when you bring back the equipment in the same condition, you will get your deposit back. If the gear is damaged the deposit will be used to repair the gear and the remainder (if any) will be returned to you.
3. You must provide all your contact information, including phone number, address, student card/number, and show us picture ID (drivers licence, passport, etc.)
4. Trips posted on the club forums have priority over personal trips for borrowing the gear. You can book it for a personal trip, but if a club trip wants it during the same time, you have to give it up unless it is within 2 weeks to your trip date.
5. Gear must come back clean and dry. You will be responsible for any damage / replacement expenses should it come back damaged or you lose it.
6. No smoking/beer parties. Also try not to eat in the tent unless completely unavoidable (in winter conditions). We don't want to get eaten by a bear in future use because our tent smelled like food.
7. You must be a registered club member and have paid your membership fee.
8. In order to ensure that gear is available for other club members, members are allowed to borrow one set of gear (i.e. one person's worth) from the club per rental period, whether for use by themself or by a friend.
9. You will be required to sign a form indicating you agree to the terms above.
10. All gear lending decisions are at the gear manager's discretion.
11. The clubs gear is not for sale, and the deposit is not fair value for the gear. The deposit is just to help cover accidental damage.
12. You are expected to return the gear or appropriate action will be taken and the university may become involved.
13. If you are extremely negligent in returning the gear in a timely manner, part of your deposit may be kept by the club depending on the circumstances.
14. The club and all of it's members are not responsible in any way for the condition or safety of the club's gear. It is up to you to know how to use the gear safely and to check to make sure it is functional and safe to use. This is especially relevant to the climbing gear.

Rope policies

We just recently got a new dynamic climbing rope (parameters will appear soon) which is free to use by members. Normal policies as above apply. Additionally, there are new policies specially for climbing ropes (thanks Adam). In particular, we will keep a Rope Log for every club rope (RopesLog.pdf). That means, you have to fill a rope log after each use, noting how was the rope used and if any damage was done to the rope. This way we want to keep track of the damage the rope have taken and ensure the ropes are safe to use. Please, take care about club ropes, especially:

  • Try to keep the rope off the ground so the dirt won't get into the rope and damage the coating. Also, please never step on the rope!
  • Do not belay over sharp rock edges - make a proper anchor whenever possible!

See SFU OUTDOORS CLUB CLIMBING ROPE POLICY.docx for more information.

So grab the rope and go climbing! :)


The club owns a topographic map software called Memory-Map and we have a database of detailed digital topo maps for all of southern British Columbia.

Memory-Map is a pretty powerful program - It's compatible with GPS devices, has tools for route planning (automatically calculates total elevation gain, travel distance, etc), and has a really neat feature that converts a topo map into an actual 3D map of the area.

Any club member has access to the software for free. Please email our gear exec Calvin at calvinlu1023 at if you're interested.

Donated gear

We have some gear that can be useful but its value is limited. If you want any of the following gear, you can borrow it for unlimited time (as long as you are a member) and there is no deposit.

Donated Gear Details
Bear spray by Frontiersman
Source WXP Hydration System 2l, details
Waterproof poncho by Condor, not completely waterproof anymore
narrow G3 climbing skins only ~6cm wide, might still work for narrow skis
summer sleeping bag DuPont Thermolite Micro +8C, 1100g
water bottle 1 liter, stainless steel
car transformator xpower xantrex inverter 300 (like these
snow picker long, details
nalgene bottle 1 liter
climbing shoes size 10.5, used, for resoling?
white gas coleman
frisbee blue, by discraft
figure eight descender info